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A Romanian Translator

Hi everyone, first things first, i am Alex, a 25yo romanian now living in CZ for a while. Few years back i used to be translator for animes in RO, non-profit, but gain some experience out of it overall. Now at 25, looking forward to something more ... challenging ... and exciting .. and about 2 weeks ago, while i was shoping through Datart, looking for Ghost of Tsushima i just saw few games tagged as "CZ TITULKY" and got a little o_O about it .. i knew that in CZ you have subs and dubs sometimes for games but never really got to gave too much thoughts .. but now, after living here a while and understanding people and talking to them, i realized that having CZ Subs it's a really big deal ... and why? 'cuz we don't .. In Romania, we don't have ro subbed games .. maybe a few ... that either are waay too old, for an example i remember playing Gothic (and damn was fking amazing understanding everything that games has to ofer in terms of lore) or games that are heave micro-transactions type like League of Legends, Metin2, etc. the thing, when u ask a romanian, why they don't have or why they don't do something, they will answer with: "but we do understand english" ... which i tell u by now is wrong .. understanding "1v1 me bitch" is not understanding english .. but that's for later .. now back on things .. why i am here? Well, after seeing those games, got a nostalgia back on the days when i use to translate movies and animes and i remember that there is something that i used to do with so much pleasure giving the positive feedback that i would've recived from that .. so yeah .. here i am .. trying to get to a new challange. Now how did i end up here, that's a short story about a guy named Jiri Matyskiewicz that after contacting him and asking for his guidance he pointed me here and told me that I should start from here ..
- Sorry for the long introduction but i had to make sure u know my intentions and who i am -
Now that everything was said i will say HI again to everyone and hope that i will be welcome in this comunity as a foreing person.
I have few questions and really need some guide in the "world" of GAME LOCALIZATION and TRANSLATION so i hope u guys can give me a hand here.
If so, let me know, and i will ask, but can't do that if i am not accepted, so i will wait for an answer..
Keep up the good work guys ^^ this things that you do is a real FKING THING and trust me, means a lot ^^ i hope with ur help i can do the same for my people and grow a comunity as beautyfull as urs. Have a nice day everyone
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Hi and welcome :) Can you write what you really want, what are you interested in?
Well now that the post has been accepted and a person was kindly enough to answer i will go.
So, i thought how i can do this better and to show them ( romanians ) that subs does matter and that it gives u a better understanding in the story of the game, but i have to show them, so first i got to do this myself, get few games, work on them... do some hard work before growing a comunity, but i have to get a better understanding of this. So what i would love you guys to share with me is :
  • What tools do you using for translate? Or which are the best options?
  • Can you guys give me a project that i would start work on? I actually want to translate the Disciples series.. starting with Sacred Lands since was my 1st love in terms of lore..but if u have something that would work better and for a newbee in domain then i am in
  • Right now, we are just a team of two, ex-translators in the Anime Fan-Subs that would like to share this "world" of gaming rich lore to everyone.. but we have lack of infos when it cames to this domain.. so every info, guidance, advice will be highly appreciated.
Thanks you guys for accepting me in ur comunity ^^ i am all but eyes to what you all are going to share with me ^^


Hi Alex,

a bit of a context for this website - people here are not a "single community" sort of a say. This place is more of a community project aggregator where multiple teams can post their work. Those teams are pretty much independent of each other - they have their own tools, communication channels and processes (also note that we are all just hobbyists).

As for starting your own project - there are few useful posts in "Návody a postupy" section. You can try Google Translate to make sense of those posts (even though Google Translate is the last thing anyone here would suggest for Czech language :D). Then you should check if there is a team translating your desired game and probably talk to them directly. Every game and game engine is different and generic questions / answers will only take you so far.

And lastly... it might be interesting topic to discuss whether this site should have a section dedicated to foreign communities (i.e. communities that traslates to languages other than cs / sk). This is probably something beyond the original idea, but collective knowledge here is pretty significant I guess and worth sharing if anyone is interested. But this topic is for local administrators / moderators...
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