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Cities Skylines + DLC Aktualizace odkazu

Čeština do hry Cities Skylines a do všech DLC

  1. Překlad - All That Jazz 1.9.1 Patch

    Nový patch 1.9.1 - PŘELOŽEN!
    Opravené staré texty.

    Orig. Eng Notes
    Paid content

    • New Radio station - All That Jazz Includes four different genres of Jazz:
    • Classic Jazz
    • Latin Jazz
    • Funky Jazz
    • Chill-Out Jazz

      Free update for all players and DLCs owners

      • Free Carols, Candles and Candy DLC, get it on Steam! Five songs mixed in with songs from the other stations:
      • Houston River Jazz Collective - Silent Night
      • Jazz in-clave - Holy Night
      • Martin Carlberg - The First Noel
      • Lily La Roux - Jolly Old St Nicholas
      • Elijha MotI - I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
      Cities Skylines base game
      • Updated Budget Panel with new tab Income from Money Spent by Tourists
      • Pollution infoview color tweaks
      • Watertower LOD fix
      • Fixed animated billboard props glitching in Asset Editor
      • Fixed bug where switching between canals and quay tool would always set
      • the tool mode to straight lines
      • Fixed asset editor forgetting the last entered description for roads
      • Unlimited camera tilting in theme editor
      • Fixed misleading tree thumbnails
      • Fixed: Sub buildings are not illuminated at night time in asset editor
      • Fixed: Missing Road Properties in Asset Editor when creating new road one after another
      • Dams and power lines editable in Road Editor
      • Road editor feature to import models from other roads/nets
      • Citizen color variations editable in Asset Editor
      • Updated Unity to 5.6.4p2, (Fixes some compatibility issues with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra)
      • Fixed minor memory leaks when loading a game after another during same session
    • Green Cities expansion
      • Fixed building despawn loop when using self-sufficient specialization together with highrise ban policy
    • Natural Disasters expansion
      • Fixed astrologists to astronomers
    • Mass Transit expansion
      • Fixed wrong car spawn / taxi wait position for over road monorail station
      • Asymmetrical Three-Lane Road slope LOD fix
      • Monorail line tool is not unlocked after building Monorail Tracks on Two-Lane Road
      • Texture glitch noticeable on intersection of 'Monorail Track and Road' and
      • standalone Monorail Tracks
      • It is possible to create sharp angle intersections with Monorail Station with
      • Road
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